Armand Convers - Team Kosmic 2010

We invite you to discover our series Helmet "Race Kart". To value, pay homage, or remembrance of a pilot, a race, a kart… This is the idea of our new decoration series. All these ingredients on a single support, the helmet, with a caricatured shape. Far removed from his main safety destination, here it’s a work to exhibit.Fully painted, we resume the distinctive and well-defined elements with a complete harmony fusion.Whose this patented object is for? To you, motorsport’s actor, team’s boss, driver, sponsor, collector, who want to remember, offer, thank or improve your brand’s image by using a unique concept, original and different.
The achievement can be made on all support. You can choose mat, satin or shiny appearance. If you are interested, contact us.The budget is variable depending on the model and details. A quotation will be offered…

Helmet "Race Car"